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Introducing GivingHope.TV

A unique online TV network designed solely to create more public awareness for charitable organizations. The charities’ videos are showcased on the GivingHope.TV site, which is a one-stop-shop for potential donors looking to make decisions about charitable contributions.

Why Use This Website?

  • Learn about local charities by watching their videos
  • A variety of charities are showcased in one place
  • Easy search by name or type of charity
  • Monitored content
  • You are directed to the charity’s donation web site
  • Social media presence
  • Not blocked by corporate offices


Frequently Asked Questions

For Additional Information

Steven Roberts (602) 840-5530

* Advertising revenue from corporations/businesses are used exclusively to maintain the GivingHope.TV website.

The owners of GivingHope.TV are not affiliated with, nor do they have any financial interest in any charitable organization featured on the web site. GivingHope.TV is a means through which the site owners perform a service to give back to the community.